Exploring the history and legacy of Charles Ives through concerts and educational events

“CIMF inspired me to reach higher and become a better musician. The faculty were very professional, and easily connected with everyone. Through rehearsals, masterclasses and concerts all of the participants were able to grow together.” – Katherine M. CIMF Participant

“CIMF is, both objectively and subjectively, the single best music program I have attended. The opportunity to collaborate with like-minded musicians of different skill levels in assembling chamber music, under the instruction of some of the greatest instrumentalists currently alive is, as one might expect, extremely beneficial in improving as a musician, both for myself and others who attend the program. The faculty are some of the best-natured and most helpful music teachers I have worked with; they always seem to know exactly the best way to tackle any improvements that can be made. CIMF has inspired me to pursue music; it is safe to say, without hyperbole, that my life would be substantially different without CIMF.” – 
Dmitri V CIMF Participant


To learn more about Charles Ives and his music, visit the Charles Ives Society website.