Applications submitted after April 10, 2023 will be added to a waitlist.

Final audition results announced – April 28, 2023
Participant acceptance deadline – May 5, 2023

    All CIMF youth applicants submit one single application regardless of which summer program they are applying for – Chamber Music Intensive (CMI) or Chamber & Orchestra Performance Program (COPP). CIMF programs are open to participants ages 21 and under.

    NOTE: ALL participants in the CMI program who play orchestral instruments (strings, winds, brass, percussion) are required to participate in the COPP program the following week, unless they cannot participate in the second week in order to attend college orientation/first week of college during the week of COPP. College-age musicians participating in the CMI week are required to participate in the CIMF Orchestra during COPP, but not the entire program unless they so choose.

    Applicants do NOT need to submit audition materials when they submit their application, but all materials must be submitted prior to either the early or final audition date.

    Applicants must pay a $20 application fee.

    (WCYO Alumni – Orchestra ONLY application click HERE)

    – Click HERE to review the audition requirements or scroll down and see below

    – Live auditions are strongly recommended, but video recordings are also acceptable. Live auditions, which will take place on Sunday, March 12, 2023 (early audition date) and Sunday, April 23, 2023 (final audition date).
    – Participants may submit a video audition in place of a live audition. Videos must be submitted by the application deadline of March 12th for the early audition date and early decision, or by April 23rd for the final audition date and final decision. Applicants do NOT need to submit audition videos when they submit their application. Videos should be submitted either as email attachments or via Google Drive or another data sharing service such as Dropbox. Please upload a video of yourself performing two contrasting works and the scales and arpeggios listed below under AUDITION REQUIREMENTS and put them in a folder titled “Your Name – CIMF 2023”. Share the link to the folder with
    – Note that upon acceptance, decisions regarding seating placement in the CIMF Orchestra, invitation to perform with CIMF Chamber Orchestra, placement in chamber groups, and possible invitation to perform with CIMF Artist-Faculty on a CIMF Artist Concert are all based on participants’ performance in their CIMF auditions. 
  • SUPPORTING MATERIALS (if applicable)
    – Applicants may ask private teachers or music professionals to submit letters of recommendation on their behalf to no later than their applicable application deadline of either February 13 or April 10, 2023.
    – Composers must submit supporting representative materials (more information below) not later than the final application deadline of April 10, 2023.

  • TIMELINE for 2023
    – Early application deadline for early acceptance decision – February 13
    – Early audition day – March 12
    – Early audition results announced – March 20
    – Participant acceptance deadline – April 3

    – Final application deadline – April 10
    – Final audition day – April 23
    – Final audition results announced – April 28
    – Participant acceptance deadline – May 5

    Applications received after April 10th will be waitlisted. Waitlist applicants will be contacted after May 5th with regard to status.

    – CMI and COPP Chamber Music Assignments Announced and Music Sent Out – By the end of May
    Assignments and seating for the CIMF Orchestra during the COPP week are announced, along with other – Festival information – June
    – CIMF 2023 – July 31-August 13


    CIMF offers financial assistance to accepted participants based on need. Accepted participants who require financial assistance in order to attend CIMF should complete the financial aid form and send it to We are firm in our belief that cost should not be a barrier to participating in CIMF.


    Note: Live auditions may also include a sight-reading component

    Woodwinds, Brass, Harp & Strings:
    – Any two contrasting solo works – one of these works may be replaced by two orchestral excerpts of your choosing.
    – Any two major scales and arpeggios selected by the applicant, at least two octaves

    – At least two contrasting solo works
    – Any two major and any two minor scales and arpeggios selected by the applicant, at least three octaves

    – Any two contrasting solo works – one of these should be on a mallet instrument and the other should be on snare drum or timpani
    – Any two major and any two minor scales and arpeggios selected by the participant, at least three octaves

    – PDF scores and MP3 recordings (MIDI is acceptable) of 1-3 works composed since January 1, 2019. It is strongly recommended that at least one of these be a chamber work that could be performed at CIMF
    – Complete list of all compositions including names of pieces, instrumentation, dates of completion, and any details of performances
    All materials should be sent to by April 10th