Donate to CIMF in honor of International Youth Day


🎵 Join the Movement: Empower the Next Generation of Maestros, Virtuosos and Music Lovers 🎵

International Youth Day takes place on Saturday, August 12th and the Charles Ives Music Festival is rallying music enthusiasts like you to make a lasting impact on the future of music education. We believe that every young musician deserves a chance to cultivate their talents and shine brightly on the world’s stage . . . and that’s why we need your support!

🎵 Why Donate? 🎵

Music has the power to transform lives, nurture creativity, and build bridges across cultures. By donating to the Charles Ives Music Festival, you are investing in the musical youth of your community.

Empower Young Musicians: Provide resources to talented young musicians, ensuring they receive exceptional training and mentorship from world-renowned instructors. Your contribution will ensure that all dedicated and qualified musicians can take part in WCYO programs regardless of personal financial circumstances.

Foster Creativity: Create an environment where young musicians can explore, experiment, and push the boundaries of their artistic expression. Your donation will fund innovative programming that encourages creativity and musical exploration.

Enrich Communities: Bring people together, transcend borders and foster unity through music. Your support will enable community concerts, outreach programs, and other initiatives that make music accessible, enrich lives and inspire future generations.

🎵 How You Can Make a Difference 🎵

Donate Generously: Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference. Your gift will directly impact the lives of young musicians, helping them to realize their full potential.

Spread the Word: Help us amplify our mission by sharing our cause with friends, family, and colleagues. Together, we can create a ripple effect that reaches music lovers far and wide.

✨ Volunteer Your Time: If you are a parent passionate about your child’s musical education and want to contribute your skills, consider volunteering with the Charles Ives Music Festival. Contact us to explore exciting opportunities to make a meaningful difference.

Mark Your Calendar: August 12th, International Youth Day, is also our final Artist-Faculty concert of the summer. The concert is titled FAMILY and will be held at The Ridgefield Playhouse at 7:00 PM. This is the perfect time to show your support as we celebrate CIMF! Click here to purchase concert tickets.